Facebook_Social_Paid_MediaOver the past few years, Facebook has gradually placed less emphasis on brands being “social” and more on them purchasing “media.” And despite the complaints that seem to accompany each network change, brands have been following its lead. In fact, this year Facebook will capture a 31.2% share of total display ad spending in the U.S.

It’s clear that the future (and the present reality) of marketing on Facebook is in paid media. But the good news is that in Facebook’s efforts to become the digital advertising powerhouse, it’s continually updating and launching new tools to help marketers more creatively and efficiently get their messages in front of the right audiences. Such was the case last week. (more…)

Responsive Design for Your Inbox

ResponsiveDesign_Header (1)Who doesn’t love getting mail? Email from your subscribers has finally become easier on the eyes. Last month, Google announced that “Gmail and Inbox by Gmail will support emails created with responsive design, meaning their content adapts to fit screens of all sizes.” The update includes Google’s three webmail clients: Gmail (iOS & Android), Inbox (iOS & Android), and Google Apps. Designers, developers and savvy users are rejoicing over this ‘ah-ha’ moment for responsive design.


Absurd Title!

Web DevelpmentTwo summers ago, after my junior year of high school, I dove into a web programming internship with MGH that ultimately guided my academic trajectory and inspired me to be creative in a seemingly monotonous environment. Armed with spotty knowledge of web markup and an intense curiosity to understand front-end web design, I landed my first project on day one. The task was to create an internal wire framing utility so designers could easily transfer their designs to code and see the results in real time. I studied dynamic programming online at night, but my best efforts fell leagues short of a usable product, even with help from Chris, MGH’s lead developer. The ironically named “Supertool” has thankfully since been deleted from the servers, although the time spent on that code wasn’t in vain. As they say, I was bitten by the programming bug.


Re-Engage Your Audience with these 7 Content Remarketing Strategies

Content-MarketingOnce you have produced quality content for your brand, how do you leverage it to gain leads? Users that are consuming your website’s content, but leave before they convert, become a perfect audience for content remarketing. Content remarketing gives marketers the opportunity to re-engage people who are already interested in what you have to offer. Don’t lose hope on the visitors who have jumped ship just yet, recapturing their attention is just a few marketing tactics away! (more…)