Five Hours and Four Minutes

Television and MediaThat’s how long the average American adult watches television every day. That’s just one of the findings in Nielsen’s recently released media consumption research.

I know what you’re thinking. Not me! OK, I believe you. You’re not average. But as marketers, we have to look at typical usage by our targets. It’s a good reminder that you are not your customer.

If I had a dollar for every time someone told me they never watch “live” TV anymore – they watch on demand or through their DVR – I could have retired by now! But that’s not nearly the truth. Fully four and one half hours (90%) is actual live TV. Only 30 minutes per day originates in a DVR. (more…)

It’s Officially Celebrity Corn Maze Season. What Makes This Such a Venerable PR Tactic?

Corn MazeOur PR brainstorms always have eight attendees – the seven members of our team and the list of qualities that make a story newsworthy. Without considering these news values, our otherwise creative ideas will only be interesting to us, but not to the media and public we’re trying to reach.

A misperception of creating newsworthy content is that every idea must be 100 percent original. In reality, the media responds positively to ideas that are a new take on something familiar to them.

At this time every year, creating a corn maze in the likeness of a celebrity continues to earn media coverage for the farms that produce them, the celebrities they showcase and the charities/causes aligned with the celebrities. In short, corn mazes earn coverage. (more…)

Vertical Video is King, and Facebook Knows It

Vertical Video Header ImageIf you were to rewind a year or two and ask marketers what they thought of vertical video, chances are that you’d get a few scoffs and rolled eyes from the hardcore believers that video is meant to be enjoyed horizontally. After all, video has been presented in a horizontal format since the beginning of time — or, at least, the beginning of video.

But all that has changed, and it’s changed rapidly. The status quo has been challenged, and even the non-believers can’t deny that consumer habits are shifting to make mobile the norm, and with that comes a shift to vertical video.