Retailers Beware! Make sure your website is mobile ready!

cyber_monday_MobileIt’s that time of year again…retailers are hitting consumers hard with every kind of marketing medium available. My mailbox is full of catalogs, my inbox is full of promotional emails, and Paw Patrol, which my two year old is obsessed with, has about ten minutes of commercials with every “must have” children’s toy for this season. None of this is surprising with Black Friday on the horizon and Christmas and Hanukah a little over a month away. But what is surprising is the number of these retailers—large retailers—that are advertising, but don’t have mobile friendly websites! (more…)

The Last “Sure Thing”

baseball_tvIt used to be easy. If you wanted to advertise your product or service, you could reach a mass audience through either TV or radio or even newspapers. But, those days are long gone. Many pundits thought the great fragmentation of the media peaked a few years ago. They were wrong. The streaming revolution is here and expanding daily, presenting new challenges to traditional media and changing the way consumers “consume” entertainment. Netflix alone has 46 million U.S. subscribers. That’s not a typo.

The broadcast network’s savior has been live sports. After all, it’s “live.” It doesn’t make sense to DVR a live sporting event. So the TV networks have paid record sums to secure broadcast rights to all the major league sports.

Uh-Oh. (more…)

Agencies: Make Room for Millennials

Millenials in advertising agenciesRecently, a few members of the media department met with a young woman who had applied for an assistant job we had posted online. Unfortunately, I couldn’t sit through the entire interview, but met her quickly on my way to another meeting. She was dressed professionally, had a well-designed resume and seemed to be composed, even though she was at the table being drilled by at least five different people. My initial impression was that she seemed like the “typical millennial” who wanted the chance to work at an advertising agency. And that was a good thing.

Millennial workers have been a long talked about subject and while there is a lot of truth about their perspectives at the workplace, I’m not falling for the stereotyping of this group as being lazy, lacking a strong work ethic, not understanding the corporate world and being impatient or discourteous. (more…)