Is Your Social Media Policy Illegal? Learning from the NLRB v. Chipotle Ruling


Are you guilty of having a generic social media policy that reads similar to “employees are prohibited from making defamatory remarks about [company name] on any media”? If so, now is the time to pull up that policy and tighten up language, especially if it has been used as grounds for termination. (more…)

Twenty-nine years. Three jobs.

yes-noI’ve had three jobs in advertising.

To be clear, I’ve worked at six agencies and spent a long stint as a freelancer, but I’ve basically had just three jobs in advertising. My first was saying “no.” My second was saying “yes.” My third job is my current job. It’s a combination of the first two.

Job #1  Saying “No.”

As a young creative, I saw it as my job to say “no.” In fact, I didn’t just see it. I was taught it. I was trained to believe that “no” was how the best work got done. “No” kept the copy tight, the logo small and the radio from being corny. The thing was, I didn’t like it. And it didn’t really work. Eventually, “No. No. No. No,” gave way to “Fine! OK! I’ll change it!” Some good work came from it, but mostly just a stomachache. (more…)

10 Browser Extensions Every Digital Marketer Needs In Their Life

browser-extensionsIf you’re a digital marketer who spends your days designing or building sites, testing website responsiveness, creating web manuals and monitoring site analytics, these 10 browser extension apps will help you work smarter, not harder. Reduce tedious tasks to a single click by adding these must-have browser extensions today.

1. Awesome Screenshot/Nimbus Screenshot

When a client asks for a screen shot of their site and you find yourself minimizing the screen to be able to capture the entire page, use these extensions. Both allow you to capture an area, the visible area, the entire page or select an individual image element within your browser. Save, copy or print your screen shot directly within the tools.

I love using these apps not only for screen grabs and full-page captures, but for adding notes and instructions directly on the screen shot. For website manuals and quality assurance testing, these extensions are essential. (more…)

Let’s talk about the Olym-


This year, the [World Sporting Event That Shall Not Be Named Taking Place in Rio de Janeiro] is taking intellectual property to a new level.

While the NFL has its gripes about the official use of its championship contest (cue “Big Game” phrases), and the NCAA won’t let us get close to a certain alliterative phrase centered around a particular spring month, the U.S. Olympic Committee takes the cake in strangleholds on word choice.

Last week, Ad Week ran a story instructing marketers on just how far they can take [World Sporting Event That Shall Not Be Named] messaging. Certain trademark phrases and words were deemed officially off-limits. That means, yes, unless you’re working for big dog sponsors like McDonalds or Visa, those editorial calendars referencing a certain international sports competition you completed two months in advance will have to change.