" January 2017 "

This Historical Moment is Brought to You by Facebook

It’s hard to overstate the role that social media has played in American politics over the last decade, but the fact that Hillary Clinton referenced a massive secret Facebook group in her concession speech should say it all.

Just last Saturday, millions gathered around the world to march in support of women’s rights, and it all started with a Facebook event born out of frustration on election night. As the story goes, after asking friends how to create an event page, Teresa Shook, a retired attorney in Hawaii, sent out an invite for a women’s rally in Washington. She went to bed with the RSVP of 40 friends, and woke to find 10,000 more had joined. (more…)

“Welcome Back to the Silent Era”

The no sound icon. Volume Off symbol. Flat Vector illustration

Good news. I’m finally ready to embrace the world of videos without sound.

I thank all of you for your patience. This hasn’t been easy. I’m an audio guy. I like voiceovers and music mixes. But I get it now, and I accept it. The sound is usually turned down.

And I realize now, it’s a good thing! It’s more motivation to be more interesting more quickly. Much like YouTube’s “You can skip this ad in 5 seconds” button and the “fast-forward x 4” selection on DVRs, the silent option is a reminder that the marketing message is an uninvited guest. Sit in the corner, be quiet, and if you’re engaging, we might look at you. (more…)