The Importance of Research/Discovery when Creating a New Website

Research and DiscoveryI have worked at several agencies over the last 9 years, but only since coming to MGH have I realized the importance of research/discovery when it comes to designing and building a new website. There are so many talented web designers out there, but is a pretty or flashy website enough? The answer is no. A pretty site might get you some press or excitement when it launches, but in the long run, a client needs their site to be achieving specific goals for their business.

Below are three areas that a client should focus on before they start the design process for a new website:


Advertising Your Store on TV or Radio in 2016? Good Luck!

Advertising Good LuckAn improving economy, a Presidential election and The Olympics. All in the same year. It’s the perfect storm. And not in a good way for the nation’s advertisers.

What does that mean for your advertising plans? Trouble. Lots of it. It means higher rates and tight inventory. It means making plans and then seeing your ads bumped for endless campaign commercials.